Wednesday, September 26, 2007

we MS people laugh and cry "too much"

I read in a medical journal that we MS people laugh and cry "too much", or even, God forbid, inappropriately. This is not a pathology. It is a gift.

Stop wasting our money!!!


phil said...

To the Man in a Loden Coat [re: emotional lability]

Hey, mister
man in a loden coat
standing in front of me
on the escalator and blocking my
I know
I'm self absorbed,
particularly at this hour,
5:22 to be precise and I need
to make the 5:25 home—
don't you know that in this city,
in this life, we
walk on the left,
stand on the right?

Don't tell me to chill out,
don't tell me to "breathe,"
I hate breathing
I mean unless it is happening
without my knowing it,
which is, thank God, most of the time,

and don't tell me life is long
because it actually isn't
it's all I can do not to
give you a sweet shove
on your rich loden back,
same as all the bottled-up
left-lane travelers
behind me want to do
to my own navy-clad shoulder,
a nice blue to your green,
like water for the earth,
sky for the forest,
green and blue a tea for two,
etc., among the vistas
that call me home now,
at 5:23, about to miss the bus,
so would you please


phil said...

by Deborah Garrison

phil said...

If you say "I love you", would you rather that I cry inappropriately or laugh inappropriately?